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Fic: To Those Who Are Patient (1/1) *R* D/Hr/B - Quiet Ones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Fic: To Those Who Are Patient (1/1) *R* D/Hr/B [Jan. 4th, 2005|07:28 pm]
Quiet Ones Fic Exchange


Title: To Those Who Are Patient
Author: Lady Draherm (eldee_fic)
Pair: D/Hr/B
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All JK’s, I just borrow them to make prezzies for people
Words: 1640
Author’s Notes: I’ve very sorry, I tried to make this sexier, but my smut muse seems to have abandoned me. However, I do hope you enjoy it anyway!

The snow softly floated down from the sky above to the frozen world below. In the pale light of the setting sun, the snowflakes were light and fluffy, almost looking like pieces of bundled lint rather than the cold clumps of frozen moisture they really were. I walk slowly down the snow covered sidewalk, appearing to be a man taking a quiet evening stroll. Despite that casual appearance, I can feel my insides churning with an array of emotions as I approached my destination. I know I shouldn’t be going as it would only be torture for me to watch them together, but try as I might, I had been unable to say no.

I push open a black iron gate and enter into the courtyard of one of the largest and most posh apartment building complexes that could be found anywhere in wizarding England, and I pause to look up to the top floor. I know who awaits me in that penthouse suite and I burn with desire as I think of it. But I know it is useless to feel this way, this wasn’t going to be the social call in the form that I wish it to be. I remind myself that it was just one Christmas drink with a co-worker and her boyfriend. Friends. I was nothing more than friends with Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, no matter what my deepest desires might be.

It wasn’t entirely my fault, the feelings I had for Hermione, she was just to damn captivating. I had never really known her when we were students at Hogwarts but now we’re co-workers at the Ministry of Magic. We do have a rather close working relationship and have become friends over the four years we’ve begun to really know each other. I never anticipated that I might fall for Hermione Granger, but I woke up one morning wanting nothing more than to see her, to hold her, to take her in. It was a startling realization, one I had tried to deny for quite some time. When that did not work, I tried to suppress it deep down inside of myself. Again, that did not work, and I decided to take the hippogriff by the beak and ask her out, if only in search for a cure for the burning desires I had for her.

I had it planned perfectly; hold a small dinner party at my home, include Hermione on the list of guests I invite, drink a little wine, and then tell her how I felt. The plan had started out smashingly, right up to the part where I intake liquid courage and approach her. But, alas, it was too late. I was walking up to her when I saw that she was already deep in discussion with Draco Malfoy. I had seen the lust and desire that mutually danced around in their eyes, caused by years of unresolved sexual tension that was urging to be set free. I stared at them, my heart slowly being shattered with each passing moment. I did all I could have done at the time. I walked away.

I had never expected them to last very long, that their relationship would become nothing more than a whirlwind escapade that ended with someone (most likely Hermione) being hurt in the end. I forced myself to become detached from them, and I waited patiently, because I truly believe that good things happen to those who are patient. But they had surprised everyone, especially me, as their relationship was currently running at nearly two years.

Hermione had invited me over for a Christmas drink to celebrate the season, and as a thank you for giving her the opportunity to re-meet her boyfriend. She had approached me just the other day, pleading that I join them. I reluctantly said yes, especially since just being in a six feet radius of her still made my heart pound in ways that I didn’t think possible. But it’s just too hard to say no to her. Merlin, I didn’t want to say no to her.

And now I stand outside her and Draco’s apartment building, staring up at their windows and dreading the fact I have to go up there for a visit. I take in a deep breath and set my shoulders in determination. I’m making too big a deal out of this, and all I need to do is get it over with. It’s not that difficult of a task. I hope.

I start to take a step forward, but I see a small ginger-coloured ball of fur speed past me. Out of the corner of my eye, I see another one in close pursuit of the first. I don’t put my foot down on the sidewalk in front of me in attempts to try to prevent myself from stepping on the fur ball, but I don’t have my balance, my body weight shifting side to side. The one foot that I have left on the ground no longer stays planted, slipping on the patch of ice that is underneath it. I groan in pain as my back and bottom land on the hard ice. I turn my head to the side and see two small kittens playing in the snow, an exact replica of their father, who is standing off to the side watching. I’m in so much pain I consider getting up and kicking the small balls of evil across the courtyard, but I know better not to spur the wrath of Hermione. Or Crookshanks.

I slowly stand up, feeling the cracking through my back as my body tries to realign itself. I hobble up the stairs and into the apartment building, taking the elevator up to the penthouse on the top floor. After knocking on the door, I’m greeted by the Boyfriend. “You’re early.”

“I know,” I say as I slowly walk into the flat, my hand on my arse and my face grimacing in pain.

“Dear Merlin, what the hell is the matter with you?” Draco asks.

I turn to face him and send a glare his way. “My arse hurts,” I mutter bitterly.

“Well, that’s something you haven’t said to me since we were at Hogwarts,” Draco says, smirking cockily in my direction.

It’s one of the major problems that I have with Draco and Hermione’s relationship. Not only is Hermione with another man, but she happens to be with my former lover. Our relationship had fallen apart and it had never been rebuilt, though we had stayed friends of a sort. With a little bit of regret in my heart, I moved on with my feelings, instead focusing them on Hermione. It was a swift kick in the balls when she and Draco had ended up together, and I was still trying to recover from it.

Draco takes several steps closer to me, until our faces are only inches away from each other. “Happy Christmas, Blaise,” he whispers sexily to me as he leans in closer.

I take a step back and glare at him. “Just what are you doing?”

Draco smirks at me and points up, although his eyes never leave my own. “Mistletoe,” he drawls lazily. “Hermione loves the stuff.”

“What’s this about me?” asks the light, feminine voice from behind me. I turn around, and I know that my jaw hits the floor.

Hermione is standing before me, wearing nothing but a towel, which really isn’t all that big. The corner is tucked in between her breasts, but it seems they are about to spill over the top of the white terrycloth material. It barely covers the bottom of her ass cheeks and the nest of curls I know is there. My eyes roam over her body and I lick my lips. When my eyes come to her face, I see a small smile there, and there is a predatory look in her eyes. Despite this, I realize what I’m doing and I instantly divert my eyes, covering them with my hand.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Hermione!”

I feel an arm moved around my body and a firm clasp on my wrist, forcing my hand away from my eyes. “Oh, believe me, she wants you to look,” Draco says huskily into my ear.


“It’s true,” Hermione says, moving steps closer to me. “I’ve wanted you for a long time, Blaise.”

“I…what?” I ask in disbelieve, my eyes meeting hers again as she comes even closer. I can smell the shampoo on her recently washed hair which hangs around her in dripping wet curls.

“You never did anything,” she says a little sadly.

“Lucky for me,” Draco says from behind me, and I feel his body, especially his apparent desire, press up against the back of me.

“And I love what I have with Draco,” Hermione says, closing in from the front. She pushes her body up against mine, her breasts now very close to popping out of the top of her damp towel. The corner untucks, and I know that if she were to move away from me, the towel would drop to the floor, revealing her naked form. “But I’ve never forgotten what I’ve always wanted with you.”

“And I’ve never forgotten what I did have with you,” Draco adds, nibbling on my ear. I let out a low groan as I feel Hermione cup my growing erection through the front of my pants.

“You know what they say, don’t you?” she purrs as she starts to kiss along my jaw line.

“Good things happen to those who are patient?” I manage to gasp out as four hands begin to move over my body.

She leans away from me with a surprised look, but very quickly, she smiles.

“Well, yes, actually.”

“Well, then,” I say, slipping an arm around Draco and the other around Hermione. “Let’s start making good things happen.”

~The End

 57. Name/Pen Name: Jules
Pairing of the fic you want: BZ/HG/DM
Rating(s) of the fic you want: NC-17 or R
3 - 5 Things you want your gift to include:
1) first time for trio
2) takes place during Holiday season
3) playing in the snow
4) mistletoe
5) Crookshanks fathering kittens
What you don't want your gift to include:
1) incest
2) pregnancy
3) Ron or Harry being angry/jealous/violent
4) ditto for any of the Slytherins being pissy...


[User Picture]From: julesndairyland
2005-01-05 04:24 am (UTC)

Thank You!

This is so sweet. I really like how Blaise tells the story of his grand plot to seduce Hermione and it backfires with Draco.
And the kittens were so cute!

Thanks so much - this is really adorable.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: eldee_fic
2005-01-05 07:31 am (UTC)

Re: Thank You!

Whoo hoo! You liked it! *whips nervous brow* I was feeling a bit guilty that my muse wasn't letting me make it smuttier, but I did leave it in a good place to let your own imagination run with you.

You're very welcome, and I'm so glad you liked it!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: zaralya
2005-01-05 01:14 pm (UTC)
Little Crookshanks kittens... too cute.
And I loved your Blaise, you described him so well. Awesome story, Lady Draherm. *kisses you again*

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: eldee
2005-01-06 01:21 am (UTC)
Tee hee...the little Crookshanks kittens are awfully cute, I kept picturing little ginger-colour furballs, and now I want one! LOL.

As always, thanks for your wonderful feedback! *kisses back*
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)