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Fic: What You Mean to Me (12-14/14) *NC17* D/Hr/B [Jan. 1st, 2005|02:33 pm]
Quiet Ones Fic Exchange


Author: tas (Terry)
Rating: R to NC-17
Warning: Some of the characters are out of character, and there is swearing and sex involved....hence the rating. Also there is slash in this fic (male/male), don’t like it, don’t read.
Summary: Set in seventh year. Hermione seems to attract certain Slytherin men, which she welcomes with open arms....among other things. Pranks and loving keep the Head Girl busy as she goes for what she wants.
Disclaimer: Although the plot is mine, the characters and the whole Harry Potter franchise belongs solely to J.K. Rowling, the woman that started my addiction into the Potter universe. I receive no monies for this story, but write for the pleasure of twisting the characters to my will.
Authors Note: To sketchy...the person to whom I write this gift for. I hope you enjoy the story that I’ve written for you and hope I’ve followed most of your guidelines. Sorry in advance for Draco being a little fluffy. The purple hair was something I had to think about a bit to put in the story, but I’m hoping you like how that worked out also. When I started writing this story, I wasn’t planning on it being this long, so sit back...grab a pepsi and some munchies and enjoy.

Chapter Twelve

The three of them were awakened by Narcissa around midmorning, right after Binky had snapped a picture of the three of them snuggled together under the covers. She gazed down at them and smiled to herself on how happy and comfortable the three of them looked together. “Time to get up Draco,” she said as she tickled the bottom of his foot that was sticking out from the bottom of the blanket.
He slid his foot under the covers and tightened his hold around Hermione’s waist. “‘Kay,” he mumbled against Hermione’s hair.
“If you don’t get up, I’ll send Severus up here to get you out of bed,” she warned, grinning as Draco rolled onto his back to sleepily open his eyes. “The ice seemed to get you up pretty quick last time he woke you up,” she added.
“Half an hour mother and we’ll be down,” Draco said sitting up, wiping the sleep from his eyes.
“Make it fifteen,” she said as she turned her back on the three of them and left the room.
“Did Snape really do that to you?” Blaise asked also sitting up after hearing the threat.
“Yep. Looked like he enjoyed every minute of it too,” Draco replied, “if you two are going to shower, I’d suggest being quick about it.”
“I was going to have one later when I get ready for the ball,” Hermione said as she rolled onto her back, missing the warmth of their bodies on either side of her. She reached her arms over her head and arched her back as she stretched to wake up more fully, not noticing the two of them eyeing the bare expanse of skin from her nightshirt riding up to her stomach.
“Then, we have a few minutes,” Blaise grinned as he slid his hand over her stomach, just above her panties.
Draco leaned down to kiss her neck, trailing lower to lick along the exposed part of her collarbone. “Mmmm....fifteen minutes isn’t long enough guys,” she said a little breathlessly as Blaise’s fingers slipping into the top of her panties. She put her hand over his to stop his wandering fingers. “Later, I promise,” she said leaning up to first place a brief kiss to Blaise’s lips, then moved to Draco’s to give him the same. They bother tried to draw her in for a deeper kiss, but she kindly pushed them away and got out of bed, leaving them to watch her barely covered backside.

After a quick brunch of sampling the wizarding caterer’s wares, they were banished from the kitchens, the dining room, and ball room as the decorators...and of course Narcissa did the final preparations for the annual ball.
Draco entered his father’s study in search of a book and found his father and Severus there playing a game of Wizards Chess, with Teega laying on the table beside the game watching as the knightly men moved on their own. “Not helping mother?” he asked his father as he sat down to watch.
“No, she told me to stay out of the way,” Lucius replied tapping Teega’s paw from swiping at one of his men. “Where’s Blaise and Hermione?”
“I’m giving them some time alone for awhile,” Draco replied.
“Aren’t you three always together?” Lucius asked looking up at his son.
“Not all the time,” Draco said shrugging his shoulders, “sometimes Blaise and I like to be with Hermione by ourselves.”
“Must we talk about these brats love lives?” Severus asked moving his queen into position.
“We could always talk about yours Severus,” Draco smirked.
“Oh?” Lucuis smirked raising his brow at his friend, “and who’s the lucky witch...or is it wizard?” he teased.
“No one,” Severus said glaring at Draco.
“That ‘no one’ sure likes your neck then,” Draco teased.
“Come on Severus, spill. Who is it?” Lucius asked leaning back in his chair for Teega to crawl over onto his lap to get comfortable.
“You wouldn’t believe me even if I did tell you,” Severus smirked, then watched Lucius reach over to move one of his chess pieces. “So, who’s all going to be at this thing tonight?” he asked changing the topic away from him.
“The Parkinsons, Bill and Charlie Weasley, several wizards from the Ministry...just to name a few,” Lucius replied, letting Severus’s love life alone...for now.
“The Weasley’s?” Draco asked, surprise evident on his face.
“Yes, I’ve talked to Charlie quite a bit lately about investing in dragon breeding,” Lucius grinned.
“And Bill?” Severus asked quite surprised himself.
“Once the Order members believed that I was indeed a spy for the light side, the Weasley brothers were two of the first to welcome me. They wanted to end this silly feud that the Malfoy’s and the Weasley’s started so many ages ago. Bill, as you know works for Gringott’s and has been advising me in investing in muggle and wizards companies that have turned out to be quite profitable,” Lucius said moving his queen. “Checkmate Severus,” he grinned.
“How could you have won? You haven’t really been even paying attention since Draco came into the room,” Severus asked looking down as Lucius’s queen bashed his king over the head, shattering it over the board.
“I’m just that good I suppose,” Lucius smirked. “Would you like to play Draco?”
“Sure,” Draco said then grinned as Severus pushed back his chair rather abruptly to make room for him.
“Why do I even bother playing?” Severus muttered to himself as he sat in front of the fire and picked up his book, not paying attention to the two blonde’s smirking at him, when they heard him talk to himself.

Blaise, meanwhile was lounging back on the big cushy couch in the Oasis room with Hermione nestled between his thighs. “Did you have a good time this week Mya?” he asked by her ear, tightening his arms around the front of her waist.
“Yes, I did. I was surprised how much fun Draco’s parents could be,” she grinned.
“They’re only like that in private. They’re really big on the whole pureblood image thing,” Blaise said slipping his hand under her shirt.
“Is that why Draco’s such a git in school...all image?” she asked moving up a bit so her bottom was pressed tighter between his legs.
“He’s not called the ‘Slytherin Ice Prince’ for nothing,” he smirked, his one hand gliding higher up her stomach.
“Well, I feel pretty special to be able to see the other side then,” she grinned, tilting her head to kiss his jaw. “He’s still a snarky git to most of the other houses though, especially the older years.”
“Hmmhmm,” he murmured, his lips brushing over her neck while his one hand went to the snap and zipper of her jeans.
“Uh...Blaise, what are you doing?” she asked leaning her head back on his shoulders while his fingers slipped in the waist of her panties.
“I want a taste of what you’re offering us tonight,” he huskily said as his fingers went further down until they slid over her clit. “Take your jeans off Mya,” he said circling his fingertip over the nub.
There was no way she was going to refuse that request when his fingers were slipping past the folds to plunge inside of her. She hooked her thumbs in the waist of her jeans and panties, pushing them down her hips, then her legs, spreading them as he thrust his fingers deeper. “What if...of gods....someone...deeper....comes in?” she panted rocking her hips against his hand.
“Sealed the door,” he said, bringing his other hand up to her chin, to tilt her head to him, his lips latching onto hers in a heated kiss.
Hermione’s moans were muffled by their kiss as she placed her hand over his that was currently spreading her juices over her clit. She drew back, her breathing ragged as she gazed into his lust filled eyes. “I want you inside of me,” she said against his lips.
Blaise pressed his lips to hers again as he shifted away from her, kneeling on the floor at her side. He broke the kiss then moved her body until her bottom was at the edge of the cushions, her legs spread before him. He quickly undid his jeans and pushed them down with his boxers, to his knees. He stroked his erection a few times as he came closer to her heat, the head rubbing along her wet slit.
“Now Blaise,” she moaned, wrapping her one leg around his lower back to pull him closer.
“Gods...feels so good,” he moaned as he slowly inched his length deep inside of her.
She leaned up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, nibbling on his neck as he thrust slow and shallow. Her lips moved up his neck to his chin, then to the corner of his mouth. “Faster Blaise...please,” she begged before her tongue brushed along his lips until he opened for her.
His one hand went to her hip, while the other went to the back of her neck as he deepened the kiss, delving his tongue into her mouth. Their moans were muffled from their kiss as he drew his hips back until just the head of his cock was imbedded inside, then drove in fast and deep. He kept up the fast pace making sure to grind against her clit when he was buried deep inside of her.
She threw her head back and gripped his forearms as she came, moaning out his name as her inner walls contracted around his shaft. He leaned forward, leaning his forehead on her chest as he gripped her hips in a bruising hold. He thrust deep, shuddering as he came inside of her. Her arms went around his back, holding him close as their erratic heartbeats slowed down. “I love you Mya,” he hoarsely said as he gazed down into her eyes.
“Love you too,” she replied breathlessly reaching up to place a soft kiss to his lips as she unwrapped her legs from his waist.

Chapter Thirteen

It was several hours later when Hermione sat in her robe next to Maria and Narcissa, as they readied themselves for the ball. Hermione sat on a low stool as Narcissa’s personal house elf stood behind her on another stool, twisting and curling her hair into the desired style.
“Why do you have two gowns here Hermione?” Maria asked eyeing the two plastic bags hanging on the door as she slipped her own on.
“One of the dresses is one my mother had picked out. The other one is something I have been wanting but never felt that I would have the opportunity to wear. I’ve never been to a ball like this before and wasn’t sure what would be appropriate,” Hermione replied looking into the mirror as the house elf finished up-sweeping her hair.
“There will be quite a few younger witches and wizards, so it’s not as starchy as the old days,” Narcissa smiled, unzipping one of Hermione’s garment bags. “This black silk is nice,” she said pulling it partially out for them to see.
“That’s the one mum picked out. I really like it, but I think I like my choice better,” Hermione said unzipping the other one to take it out for the other two witches to see.
“My, that’s rather revealing, isn’t it?” Maria grinned looking at Hermione through part of the dress.
“It covers everything,” Hermione smirked. “So...which one do you think I should wear?”
“Definitely the one you chose,” Narcissa grinned, “Draco and Blaise will never leave your side with you wearing that.”
“Are you sure? Because I do like the one mum picked out too. I don’t want to offend anyone with wearing this one,” Hermione said looking longingly at the dress.
“Positive Hermione. It’s not as if there’s a lot of bare skin that would be showing,” Narcissa said fingering the delicate material.
So Hermione’s dress, instead of her mothers, was the one she decided to wear. They took their time on their final preparations on their dresses, makeup, and hair as they sipped on their wine. It was about a half hour after the ball was set to start that the three women made their way down the curving staircase.

“Where are they?” Draco asked looking up the stairs for about the fifth time so far.
“They most likely would like to make an entrance,” Lucius smirked looking regal in black dress slacks, grey shirt, and a black vest.
“Do you have it with you Drake?” Blaise asked looking to the stairs.
“Yeah, in my......” Draco began then stopped mid-sentence as he saw the three women descent the stairs.
“You two are very fortunate,” Lucius said looking to Hermione who was walking between the two other women.
Alexander came forward and leaned over to kiss his wife’s cheek. “You look beautiful my Maria,” he said gazing into her eyes then twirled her around as he looked at her dress. She wore a strapless silk burgundy dress that fit snugly down to her waist, then flared down in several layers of lace and silk to the floor. Her black hair clasped at the back with soft silky strands dusting over her cheeks, the back left long, and in large ringlets.
Lucius also stepped forward and kissed Narcissa’s bare shoulder. “Beautiful as always Cissa,” he said softly by her ear. She wore a black silk halter gown that was cut low in the front and shaped to her figure, the ends in an extended train, with intricate beadwork that covered the bodice and edging. To match the dress she wore a diamond choker and matching bracelets that went over elbow length black gloves. Her blonde hair pulled up at the back in a twist, leaving her pale, but slender neck to the tender mercies of her husbands touch.
Draco and Blaise smiled warmly to their mothers, but could not take their eyes off of their girlfriend. “Merlin Mya....you look.....” Blaise began coming out of his daze to kiss her cheek.
“Edible,” Draco finished by her ear, smiling to himself when he felt her give a light shudder as his tongue brushed the shell of her ear.
They each looked down at her dress again, each thinking of what they were planning on for later that night. She wore a sleeveless dress in a rich chocolate brown color, the top portion made of some kind of a sheer stretchy material that had embroidered flowered motifs that started at the one shoulder and curved across her breasts then went down her one side. The embroidered flowers were done in a rich wine, tangerine, and creamy beige colors, the outline done in black with tiny beadwork that enhanced the design. The bottom of the dress fell straight and long to the floor with a mid-thigh slit at the side, made out of a sold silk, the same color as the top portion of the dress. The back was dipped low to the middle of her back where one could easily see the dragon tattoo. Her hair was piled up in a loose up-swept style with tendrils of her streaked hair falling gracefully down her neck, the colors blending in with her dress. The two couldn’t seem to take their eyes off of her, as they noticed the swell of her breasts that seemed to tease their gaze from their flowered confines.
“You two okay?” she smirked to Blaise and Draco who stood looking at her. She also took in how good they looked in their black suits, their hair down and loose among their shoulders.
“Can we make it an early night?” Draco asked licking his lips as he placed his hand at the small of her back, leaning in to kiss her shoulder.
“Yeah, the dress looks beautiful on you, but I can’t wait to see the rest of what you’re teasing us with,” Blaise added, his finger gliding over the covered navel ring that was visible through the sheer material.
She linked her arms through each of their elbows and walked between them as they followed the parents into the ballroom. Her steps faltered as she gazed around the room, the grandeur and elegance was to take one’s breath away. Narcissa and the wizarding decorators really out did themselves. She looked up at the thirty foot ceiling to see the chandeliers sparkling, the tiny fairies that flew around them tinkling the crystal, their colored lights lighting up the ceiling. Along the one side of the wall there was the floor to ceiling windows adorned with dark green drapes, their folds hung back with red satin bows, abling one to see the majestic mountains in the distance. There were many portraits in this room, that were dressed in their finery, dancing to the music that came from a wizarding band that played on the stage at one side of the room, garland and holly gracing their frames. A large tapestry hung from the ceiling to the floor, proudly showing the Malfoy lineage. Tall full plants lined the walls, their vines reaching out to the ceiling, their branches decorated with red satin bows. In the one corner stood the largest Christmas tree that Hermione had ever seen, almost reaching the ceiling, decorated with brightly colored garland, bulbs, and ornaments in every color and shape imaginable. Lighting that tree were tiny candles that sat on the branches, the tiny flames enchanted to not spread among the foliage. Around the room there were many round tables with white table cloths, the center pieces the only ornamentation to the table, not to mention the elaborate place settings for each person. The center pieces were grand in themselves, poinsettias full and overflowing from their vase, the gold ribbons bright against the green leaves and vibrant red of the flowers. The center of the room was cleared away to reveal a hardwood floor for dancing, already with couples twirling to the music that flowed through the hall.
Hermione had to smile when a house elf came up, dressed up much like a muggle Santa elf would be, the green and red long shirt and pointy hat that flopped to the one side. He held up the tray for them to take one of the tall fluted champagne glasses, then turned to go to the next couple, his pointed shoes jingling as he walked.
Draco led Blaise and Hermione to the largest round table where Severus was already seated. “Hello Severus,” Draco smiled as he sat down beside him, noticing the witch sitting very close at his other side.
“Draco,” he nodded pleasantly then moved his chair a bit closer to him, away from the octopus witch that was currently trying to run her hand up his thigh.
Hermione happened to glance down while Blaise pulled her chair out, to see the seemingly unwanted attention that Severus was getting, then stood up again to step beside him. “Can I have the first dance Severus?” she grinned holding out her hand.
Severus eyed her hand warily then looked to Blaise and Draco who nodded their heads. He got up and straightened the fitted dress robe to his body. “I’d be honored Hermione,” he said then placed a light kiss to her cheek, not noticing the glare that the witch gave to the smug looking Hermione.
They made their way to the dance floor, his hand at the small of her back, then gathered her close in his arms. “Too bad Harry couldn’t be here,” she sighed, her eyes twinkling mischievously.
Severus tightened his hold on her hand in warning. “Yes, I’m sure you would have liked his company this week,” he smirked. “That’s quite the dress there Hermione,” he commented.
“Too much or too little?” she grinned.
“Probably both,” he smirked, “but it’s not the most revealing.”
“Like the witch that likes the feel of your....pants?” she asked trying not to laugh.
“Yes...her,” he grimaced. “She’s a friend of Narcissa’s from the Ministry, and keeps trying to continue what was started a long time ago one drunken night here at the Manor. Thank you by the way,” he added.
“Your welcome,” she smiled. “Why don’t you tell her you have someone waiting for you elsewhere?”
“Tried that,” he replied. “I do believe one of your dates would like to dance with you,” he added looking over her shoulder to see Blaise making his way over to them as the song ended.
Blaise grinned at the two of them as he held out his hand for Hermione to take, where she linked her fingers through his. “Draco would like to talk to you Professor. Oh...and we happened to mention to the young witch about your condition,” he smirked.
“Condition?” Severus asked not liking that impish smirk on Blaise’s face.
“You know,” he nodded to the table, “the one that you were hexed by one of your students and you now can’t .......um... perform,” Blaise replied grinning.
“Ah...that one,” Severus smirked, “you know I probably couldn’t with her anyway. Remind me to give you some house points when we get back to Hogwarts Mister Zabini.”
“No problem Professor,” he said as he put his one arm around Hermione’s back, pulling her closer to his body. He brought up their linked hands and placed a soft kiss to her knuckle. “Ready to go yet?” he smiled kissing the corner of her mouth.
“No, not yet,” she laughed, “we just got here Blaise.”
“Draco and I were discussing how we should take that dress off later,” he said looking down at the cleavage that was showing through the top of the flowered part of her dress.
“And what was the decision?” she laughed, nudging his chin with their linked hands to look back up at her face.
“Well, there was spelling it off...or ripping it off since there’s not much there anyway.....”
“Do I have any say in this?” she asked breaking into his lecherous thoughts.
“Or we could slowly peel it down your body while we kiss every inch that is revealed to us,” he said continuing his conversation as if Hermione didn’t break his train of thought. “I personally like that idea,” he added by her ear.
Her fingers combed through the back of his hair as his lips caressed the skin by her ear. His hand at her back pressed her close where she could tell just how much he liked that particular idea. “So how should I strip you two down then?” she asked a little breathlessly.
“Piece by piece?” he replied smartly as he placed a soft kiss to her lips.

Over the next several hours, Hermione danced with Draco, Blaise, Alexander, Lucius, and a few of the single wizards that got the courage to face the two possessive Slytherins, while Draco and Blaise watched to make sure their hands were not wandering. In between the dances she talked with Narcissa, Maria, and a few witches from school like Pansy and Millicent from Slytherin.
At the stroke of midnight Hermione was pulled to her feet by Blaise and Draco. “Where are we going?” she asked as she looked back to Narcissa who was smiling back at her knowingly. “What are you two up to?”
“Nothing. We just want to be alone with you,” Draco replied giving her hand a squeeze.
The two of them led her to Draco’s room and closed and spelled the door. She noticed his bed was a bit bigger than before, and there were candles lit throughout the room. They led her to a chair by the window where she sat and looked at them expectantly.
“Hermione, we wanted to give you your Christmas present a bit early,” Draco said as he kneeled at her one side, running his hand along her exposed thigh from the slit of her dress.
“You mean so much to me...to us Mya,” Blaise said also kneeling at her side, “and we hope you feel the same for us.”
“You both mean so much to me too. I love you both, and have loved the time we’ve spent together,” Hermione smiled, placing her hands over theirs that were on her knees.
Both Draco and Blaise reached into their pockets, taking out a velvet box with a red bow on the top. “Merry Christmas Hermione,” Draco said leaning over to place a soft kiss to her lips after placing the gift in her hand.
She looked into their eyes and saw the love they felt for her, then down at the small velvet boxes. She carefully pulled the end of the bow on Blaise’s first, then opened the lid to see a gold band. Blaise took the box from her trembling fingers and took the gold ring from the velvet. He took her left hand and leaned down to kiss the knuckle before slipping the ring on her finger, then motioned for her to open Draco’s gift. She took the same care in opening his gift and was surprised to see the same ring but in silver. Draco also slipped the ring on her finger, sliding it next to the gold. Both Draco and Blaise brought out their wands and pointed it to the rings. Hermione’s finger felt warm as the magic wove through the bands, and then looked down in awe as they connected, intertwining together to become one.
“They’re beautiful,” she softly said.
“We just wanted to show you how much you mean to us...how much we want you in both of our lives,” Blaise said. “A promise of things to come.”
“There’s also another gift we have here for you...for us,” Draco grinned, getting up to get the three small vials of a blood red potion from his dresser.
“And what is this?” she asked holding up her vial as Draco and Blaise downed theirs.
“Trust us Mya,” Blaise grinned, “it will be worth it.”
She looked at the two of them who were looking at her mischievously, slipping off their jackets and shoes. She downed the potion and found it tasted of cherries. “What does it do?”
“It’s an aphrodisiac,” Draco grinned pulling her to her feet.
“We have big plans for you,” Blaise devilishly said, and then went to stand behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist.
Hermione leaned her head back against Blaise’s shoulder as his lips caressed her shoulder, then her neck. She moaned as she felt Draco press his body to hers, his hands at her hips, sliding up and around her until he found the tiny zipper at her lower back. “I’ve been thinking of doing this for hours,” Draco said against her neck as he slipped his hand in the zipper, feeling the strip of silk of her thong panties.
Draco stepped back, then placed his hands at her shoulders, sliding the sheer material down to reveal more of her tantalizing body. He leaned forward to kiss the bared shoulder, giving a small smile to Blaise as he met his lips. He brought his one hand up to the back of Blaise’s neck, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss.
Hermione felt the loss of their mouths on her neck then opened them to see the two of them engaged in a very passionate kiss, their tongues meeting in their open mouthed kiss. She pushed her bottom back into a very prominent erection as her hands went to Draco’s shirt, hastily slipping the buttons loose. She leaned forward to nibble on Draco’s neck as her hands slid in the now open shirt.
Blaise’s hands were not idle as he peeled the upper part of her dress down her body, her peaked nipples brushing against Draco’s chest. He drew away from Draco’s lips to then press them to the back of Hermione’s shoulder, his warm hands sliding down her waist, to peel the dress down her hips.
Hermione was soon standing before them in nothing but her panties and her lace topped stockings. They each took a hand in theirs and led her to the bed where they sat her at the edge. “You guys have too many clothes on,” she grinned, then tugged on one of Blaise’s belt loops to pull him between her legs.
Her hands went to his belt buckle slowly undoing it while her arm pressed against his erection. She looked up to see Draco’s hands wrapped around Blaise from behind, his fingers working on the buttons of his shirt. She quickly undid his pants and slid her hand around his waist, pulling down pants and boxers down his hips.
Blaise’s body felt electrified as her hands skimmed over his bottom, then felt her lips wetly kiss his hip bone as his pants slid down his legs to the floor. “Please Mya,” he begged, his fingers tangling into her hair, pulling her closer. “Gods...more,” he moaned as her tongue swiped the underside of his cock. His head went back against Draco’s shoulder, letting Draco feast on the arched neck, while he teased Blaise’s nipples with his fingertips, before pinching them lightly between thumb and forefinger.
Hermione went down on her knees, wetting her lips more before taking the head of Blaise’s cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the firm flesh as she took him deeper. She reached behind Blaise to palm Draco’s erection through his pants, pressing harder hearing the two of them moan above her.
Draco moved his hips back a bit, giving Hermione’s hands room as they unzipped his pants, then felt the cooler air on his bare legs as she pushed them down his hips, down to the floor. He bucked into her hand as she stroked his cock, the head gliding wetly against Blaise’s ass.
Blaise heard Draco moan, his breath warm against his shoulder as he thrust into Hermione’s mouth. His whole body felt feverish as Draco’s hands ran over his chest and stomach, Hermione’s mouth moving faster on his cock. He felt the head of Draco’s cock brushing wetly against his ass as Hermione stroked the blonde’s length. He grasped a handful of her hair at the back of her head as he plunged his cock deep in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. “Fuck...I’m gonna.....” he moaned in warning as his cock pulsed in her mouth, his cum coating the back of her throat. After taking him deep as she swallowed every drop of him, she slowly drew back, her tongue lovingly licking him clean.
Draco thrust into Hermione’s hand faster as he heard the panting breaths and moans coming from Blaise, so close to his own release. He felt Blaise step away from his arms, then a warmth surrounding his cock. He looked down to see Hermione’s mouth take him deep in her mouth, her tongue pressing on the underside of his length. “Gods....need....more,” he panted as his orgasm ripped out of him, his cum mixing with Blaise’s in her throat.
Hermione was pulled to her feet, then was wrapped in Blaise’s warm arms, his mouth seeking hers. She felt the edge of the bed as she was moved backwards, then was pressed back on the bed as his lips moved from her mouth down to her neck, nibbling and sucking onto the skin. She moaned and spread her legs a bit as she felt a warm hand rubbing against her drenched panties. She felt Blaise move away and groaned at the loss of his warm body against hers.
She watched as Draco and Blaise rid themselves of the rest of their clothing, sharing passioned kisses, then came to kneel at her legs. Blaise caressed her stocking clad thigh, moving down to her ankle, then brought it up until it rested on his shoulder. She felt warm wet lips on her other leg as Draco moved up the inside of her leg as he slowly rolled the stocking down.
Their lips moved higher and higher up her legs as they peeled the stockings down her leg. While Blaise’s lips and teeth were teasing her hip bone, Draco was hooking his fingers in the thong panties, pulling them down over her hips. She let out a ragged, uneven breath as Blaise’s fingers slid down her stomach, through the damp curls, to glide over her clit.
She spread her legs more and clutched the sheets at her sides when Blaise plunged two of his fingers deep inside of her, then moaned out loud when his fingers were withdrawing from her to be replaced by Draco’s mouth. Blaise moved up beside her, his warm hands kneading her breasts. She licked her lips as she watched Blaise move up more, his cock coming closer to her mouth. Her fingers closed around his length as her tongue snaked out to flick against the head of his cock. She moaned against the hardened flesh as Draco swirled his tongue over and around her clit, then used his fingers to spread her open and push his tongue inside of her, plunging in as far as he could. His tongue explored, licking the velvety smoothness of her, flicking against her hard clit, making her moan around Blaise’s cock. She tightened her fingers around the base of Blaise’s erection, as her lips took more and more of him in. The faster Draco’s tongue lapped at her clit, the faster she bobbed her head on Blaise’s cock.
“Gods....Mya...so....close,” Blaise moaned as he thrust deeper into her mouth, feeling her tongue piercing press along the underside of his cock. He looked down and met Draco’s eye who gave his head a slight shake back at him. He squeezed his eyes shut, slowing his thrusts in her eager mouth and reached down to capture one of her nipples between his fingers, gently tugging on the pebbled nub. He reluctantly pulled his hips back, then thrust back in deep before pulling out completely out of her mouth, then moved down her body again until he laid at her side. His hand slid up her waist to her neck, smiling as he felt her body tremble under his touch, to cup the side of her face, turning her towards him, his lips attacking hers in a frenzied kiss.
Draco wrapped his lips around her clit and flicked his tongue over it repeatedly, putting more pressure on it as he gently sucked it into his mouth. He let her rock her hips against his mouth as she set her own pace, until he felt her legs quiver against his shoulders. His fingers pushed in fast and deep as he maddingly stroked her clit with his tongue.
She gripped Blaise’s arm with one hand, while the other one went to the back of Draco’s head, pulling him closer as she reached the peak, her breath hitching as she shuddered though an intense, mind-blowing orgasm. She felt her clit pulse against Draco’s lips then looked down to see Draco crawling up her body, trailing wet kisses up her stomach.
Draco couldn’t wait anymore, his erection was aching for release. He placed her one leg around his waist as the tip of his cock slid easily along her entrance. He leaned up on his hands as he plunged his length inside her pulsing heat. “Fuck....feels....so tight....good,” he moaned, throwing his head back as he withdrew then thrust in again fast and hard.
Blaise leaned down to ravish Hermione’s arched neck, moaning onto the heated skin as he felt Draco’s hand grip his erection, stroking it in time with his thrusts into Hermione. He spread his legs a bit and moved up for Draco to lean over and lick the weeping tip.
Hermione leaned on her elbows to watch as Blaise’s cock was engulfed into Draco’s mouth. She felt another tremor in her lower regions at the sight, then leaned up to capture Blaise’s eager mouth with hers as Draco started to quicken his thrusts inside of her.
Draco’s body felt strung tight as he felt himself getting closer to his release. He gripped the one side of Hermione’s hip as he thrust deep, grinding into her as he bobbed his head on Blaise’s cock. He withdrew his lips slowly from Blaise and murmured a lubricating spell then slipped the tip of his one finger inside of Blaise’s puckered entrance, slowly, to let him adjust to the intrusion. He pulled back, letting his tongue swirl around the head before pulling himself up at the same time he slipped a second finger into Blaise. He leaned down to kiss Hermione, then Blaise before reluctantly pulling out of her. “Turn on your stomach Hermione,” Draco said his voice raspy from taking Blaise deep in his throat.
Hermione turned on her stomach then felt warm hands caress her back and bottom. Warm hands went to her hips, lifting her up as two fluffy pillows were placed beneath her, lifting her bottom invitingly for the boys. She pressed her forehead to the mattress, moaning as she felt their mouths and tongues replace their hands, their nibbles sending delicious shivers up her back. She felt the loss of their lips on her soon after, but sighed when their hands were on her body again. She gave a low moan when she felt fingers slide between her legs to massage her sensitized clit a few times before two fingers slid between her folds, plunging deep to their knuckles. She felt the fingers withdraw from her and tried to push back for more, when two hands were at her hips, a cock head at her entrance. She pushed back until the hard shaft was completely sheathed inside of her, then looked up to notice that a large mirror was set up at the side of the bed that wasn’t there before. The sight that greeted her was Blaise behind her, slowly drawing back then pushing forward until he was deep inside of her.
“You feel so good Mya,” Blaise huskily said by her ear as he bent over her back, reaching around to her front to knead her breasts. “Watch the mirror Mya,” he said as he nibbled the back of her shoulders. He drew back, then thrust in again deep and hard, then held still as he pressed his forehead to her back.
Hermione looked to the mirror to see Draco positioning himself behind Blaise, slowly sheathing his slicked cock into him. She couldn’t tear her eyes from the sight as Draco drew back slowly then thrust back in, his head thrown back as he began to fuck Blaise from behind, her feeling that thrust as Blaise went deeper inside of her.
The three of them set a steady rhythm with Draco thrusting forward hard and fast into Blaise, while Hermione was pushing back onto Blaise. Panting breaths, pleas for more, and deep moans filled the room as they neared their climax. Blaise was the first to cum with the dual sensation of being inside of Hermione’s tight heat and Draco filling him from behind. Hermione came almost simultaneously, gripping Blaise tight inside of her as she milked him dry. Draco thrust deep inside of Blaise as his orgasm ripped out of him, the convulsing walls clutching him tight. They stayed still, still connected as they came down from their orgasmic high, the smell of sex heavy in the air.
Draco gently pulled out of Blaise and walked on shaky legs to his wand that was on his dresser, while Blaise withdrew from Hermione, to lay on his side, pulling Hermione close to him. Draco did a quick ‘scourgify’ spell on them, then lay beside Hermione on his back after pulling the blankets over their tired bodies.
“I love you guys,” Hermione said tiredly as she snuggled into Draco’s side, placing a light kiss to his neck before laying her cheek on his chest.
“Ditto,” Blaise said as he spooned into Hermione’s back, linking his fingers through hers that lay on Draco’s stomach.
Draco kissed the top of Hermione’s head as he placed his hand over theirs. “Love you too,” he repeated, then soon followed the two of them into exhausted oblivion.

Chapter Fourteen

Draco and Blaise slowly opened their eyes and noticed two things, one...Hermione was not snuggled up between them...and two....she was leaning over them...fully dressed and dripping water onto their faces from her freshly washed hair. “What time is it?” Blaise blearily asked.
“Around 10:30 in the morning,” she smiled, “time to get up.”
“Just a bit longer,” Draco said turning his back to her to nuzzle into Blaise’s neck.
“Oh no you don’t,” she laughed, “everyone is up already and waiting for us before we eat breakfast. She tugged the blanket off the two of them and admired the view of two very naked men snuggled together for warmth. She reached down to graze her fingertips across Draco’s backside, smiling as she felt the quivering muscles respond. She drew her hand back suddenly and brought it back down again. SMACK!
“Owww! ‘Mione,” Draco exclaimed rubbing the red spot on his ass as he glared over his shoulder at her. He turned away from Blaise and started to get off the bed to retaliate. “My turn.”
Hermione backed off laughing until her back was to the door. “Ah...see you two downstairs,” she smirked to the gorgeously tousled blonde, then rushed out the door and away from Draco’s outstretched hands.
“She got you good Drake,” Blaise laughed getting up off the bed. “I’m heading for the shower, before Snape decides to get us out of bed.”

Draco and Blaise came down about fifteen minutes later, dressed much like Hermione in jeans and sweatshirts. They entered the dining room to see everyone was already seated at the table, sipping on their tea or coffee as they waited for the late comers.
“Sleeping beauties have finally decided to grace us with their presence,” Severus smirked at the two boys.
“We had a late night,” Blaise grinned leaning over to Hermione to kiss her cheek before he sat down beside her.
Hermione turned to a silent Draco who was still pouting from her wake-up call to his bottom. She leaned over to kiss his cheek. “Merry Christmas Drake,” she smiled warmly.
“You too Mya,” Draco replied, placing his hand over hers on the table. “I owe you,” he added quietly, giving her a small promising smile.
Once everyone was there and seated, the table was soon over flowing with food that the house elves had prepared. They all helped themselves to pancakes, bacon, eggs, roasted potatoes, muffins, waffles complete with whipped cream and strawberries.....just to name a few of the dishes.
After they all had their fill of the delicious food they slowly made their way to the large Christmas tree in the family room. The elves had lit the fire first thing in the morning, giving the room a warm, comforting glow. The drapes were open, letting them look through the partially frosted windows to the virginal snow that blanketed the grounds from the early morning snowfall. They made themselves comfortable on the couches and love seats, sipping their hot chocolate or tea as they sat around the tree. Hermione sat between Draco and Blaise, snuggling into their sides, enjoying the warmth the two of them gave her.
“Where’s Binky?” Draco asked looking around the room. “He needs to hand out the presents.”
“Draco...you make a house elf do this?” Hermione asked reprovingly.
“Relax Miss-equal-rights-to-house-elves,” Draco grinned, “he likes doing it. He gets a kick out of the Santa hat he gets to wear.”
“But isn’t that considered clothing?” she asked confused thinking of Dobby, the Malfoy’s old house elf that Harry helped set free in their second year by receiving a sock from Lucius that was in the old Riddle diary...or from Harry in actuality. She knew that once a house elf was given clothing from their masters they were set free, no longer a servant.
Draco liked the look of confusion on Hermione’s face, as it didn’t happen that often. “Binky...along with the other house elves are free to do what they wish. We do not own them anymore. Most of them decided to stay here with their families when they were freed.
Just then a loud pop was heard and Binky, the house elf appeared before them, his big green eyes alive with excitement, the floppy red hat jauntily flopped to the one side as he jumped up and down. “Is it time? Time to hand out presents? Does anyones wish for more to drinks before Binky plays Santa?” he asked, grinning ear to ear.
“No Binky, we are fine,” Narcissa smiled, as the excitement coming off the elf was contagious, and they all found themselves laughing with the elf.
Binky then went to the task of handing out the gifts. He gave gifts to the parents and Severus, then to the younger wizards and witch. Draco held his breath as Lucius and Narcissa opened their gift from him. To their surprise they opened a miniature television and DVD player complete with stereo surround sound. “I used a shrinking spell on it so it would be easier to put under the tree, and we can help you hook everything up before we leave for Hermione’s later,” Draco said, grinning in relief that he wasn’t hexed for giving something muggle.
“Thank you son. I’m sure Cissy and I will enjoy this very much,” Lucius smiled reading over the manual that he enlarged to read.
Blaise then sat back while his parents opened the small gift that he had given them, then smiled when he saw that they were excited about what they were reading. He had arranged for them to spend a week at a wizarding spa, complete with all types of massages, with free access to the mineral hot springs.
Draco and Blaise then watched as Severus meticulously unwrapped his rather heavy gift. Inside there were jars and bottles of several potion ingredients that were quite rare and only found in other countries, that the Weasley twins helped to acquire through some of their American contacts.
Hermione crossed her fingers at her sides when she noticed the familiar wrapped gift go to Blaise and Draco’s parents. She had to smile with the Zabini’s when they opened their gift. Inside was a rather large gift basket filled with some of the newer gags and candies from the Weasley’s joke shop. “Some of the candies are new on the market, so I’d eat with caution,” she warned.
“You did say you were out of the ‘canary creams’ didn’t you Alex?” Maria smiled, looking to her husband.
“Yes, used the last one up on your brother last week,” Alex said grinning.
Hermione then turned her head when she heard a gasp from Narcissa. “You okay?” she asked, noticing that Narcissa had opened her gift from her. “Sorry if it upset you. Draco had mentioned that you two were close when you were younger.”
“No, Hermione...it’s just...... perfect,” Narcissa said wiping the tear from her eye. She looked down at the wizarding moving picture of Sirius, all dressed in leather, leaning back on his bike, with a younger Narcissa in front of him, her long blonde ponytail falling to the side of her face. She smiled when she saw her younger self laughing as Sirius was tickling her, holding her close. “How did you get this?”
“When Sirius had died, and his name was cleared after Peter Pettigrew was captured, Harry was named the beneficiary. When we went to the Black estate, we came across a couple of boxes of old photographs. Harry let me have this one to give to you,” Hermione said, looking down at her hand that Draco was holding reassuringly.
Narcissa smiled as the younger version of Sirius winked back at her. “I remember the day this picture was taken...so long ago. He just bought that bike that day,” she said. She looked up at Hermione again with a nostalgic smile on her face. “Please thank Mister Potter for this when you see him next.”
“I will,” Hermione said returning the smile, relieved that the picture was well received.
Lucius smiled fondly at his wife as he placed his hand on her knee, then looked down at the brightly colored gift on his lap that Binky had just levitated from the tree. He read the card, noting that it was from Hermione. Inside there were slim cases with non-moving pictures on them.
“Those are DVD movies and are to use in the player that Draco gave to you,” Hermione said smiling at his confusion. “There is ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy...very good movies; ‘The Godfather movies...you’ll probably enjoy those; the ‘Star Wars Trilogy’.....a classic for muggles; and ‘Armageddon’...which by chance has a character that remarkably looks like you,” she grinned.
“Thank you Hermione,” Lucius said holding up the flat round disk from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ case. “I’ve heard of Tolkien. He was a great wizard in his day and was known for his great..if not far fetched stories he used to write.”
Hermione acknowledged the thanks and turned to her own gifts. From Draco and Blaise, she received a black leather jacket and matching pants...that looked like they would fit quite snug. “Where’s the whip?” she smirked to them seeing all that leather.
“Back at school,” Blaise said quietly for only them to hear, smirking in that devilish way of his, knowing that he was kidding.
From Severus she received a set of Transfiguration books. “I’ve heard you wish to go to wizarding university to become a Transfiguration Professor. These are some of the books that you will be needing,” Severus said, shrugging it off, but still noticing the very pleased look on the Gryffindor’s face.
From the Zabini’s she received a beautiful phoenix quill that the ink didn’t run out, and dried instantly as to not get on her fingers when she was writing. Also there was a bottle of ink that changed colors as you wrote, and a journal with her name etched on the cover. When she opened the Malfoy’s gift, she recognized it almost immediately. It was the camera that Binky had been snapping pictures with all week. She then opened the book that came with the camera to see the moving pictures smiling or waving back at her.
“We had Binky taking pictures of your time here with that camera,” Narcissa said. “The album is magical and is connected to the camera. Once you take a picture with the camera, it magically appears in the album. No limit to the pictures and no waiting for the film to develop like muggle cameras do.”
Draco and Blaise looked through some of the pages as Hermione flipped through them. There were pictures of them sledding, playing the muggle games, sitting around snuggling in front of the fire, and to the surprise of the three of them, there was a picture or two of when Draco and Blaise gave her the rings the night before. “Thank you...thank you so much,” Hermione smiled at the Malfoy’s then glanced down to see Draco holding down the page of her wearing her Christmas dress.
“You looked so good in that,” Blaise said quietly.
“Almost as good without it,” Draco added by her ear, so only she could hear...well and Severus who happened to be leaning over a bit to glance at some of the pictures.
Hermione got up with her new camera and stood back as Blaise and Draco began to open the gifts from her. She had to hold back her laughter as they both held up a plush brown teddy bear that had a sweater on it that said ‘I love you.’ Around the neck of the bear held a thick gold chain that was the actual gift.
“How disgustingly......sweet....and muggle,” Severus said looking to the bears, but was smirking as the two boys unclasped the chains from the bears necks.
“Thank you Severus,” Hermione said smartly as she sat down between the two boys again. As the others were opening gifts she leaned closer to them. “The chains are charmed. Touch the chain and think of me,” she grinned as she waited for their response. She was not disappointed to see them close their eyes and shift uncomfortably on the seat as they felt her lips, teeth, and tongue on their lower bodies.
“Bloody hell Mya,” Blaise said quietly as the sensation of her mouth on his cock slowly dimmed away.
Draco leaned over to kiss her cheek, “still the tease I see, hey Hermione,” he smirked, “I do like it though. Thank you.”
“Your welcome,” she smiled, noticing that the bears were still on their laps.

Overall, the gift exchange went over well. Severus even was seen with looks of gratitude when he received new robes from the Malfoys, some potion books that he had been searching for that the Zabini’s had found in America, and a leather bound potions journal from Hermione with his name etched onto the front cover.
While Narcissa, Maria, and Hermione sat back enjoying their tea, they watched the men try to hook up the entertainment system. After several attempts, Hermione levitated the directions with a knowing smirk on her face to Blaise and Draco.
It wasn’t too soon after, that Hermione realized it was time for them to depart the manor to her parents house. “You two already packed?” she asked, nudging Draco and Blaise who were sitting with their eyes glued to the television watching ‘Lord of the Rings.’
“Yep....hmmhmm,” Draco murmured as he sat watching the movie....making no move to get up.
“Drake,” Hermione grinned, “we have those movies at my house too.”
Draco stood up then to hug Hermione. “Sorry. Well, let’s go to muggleville, shall we?” he sighed.
“Draco!” Narcissa admonished.
“That’s okay,” Hermione said kissing Draco’s smirking face. “Let’s go then,” she added after seeing a house elf pop into the room with their trunks all packed up and ready to go.
Blaise kissed his mum’s cheek then went over to shake Lucius’s hand. “Thank you sir for having us here for the holidays. I had a blast,” he grinned.
“A blast?” Lucius asked looking confused at the saying.
“Muggle term.....he had a good time,” Hermione said, then went over to also shake his hand. “Thank you for accepting me into your home. I had a good time,” she said sincerely.
“Anytime Hermione,” Narcissa smiled as she her a brief hug. “You are welcome here anytime.”

After the farewells were said, Hermione flooed through the fireplace first to her house, followed by Draco and Blaise. They were welcomed by Hermione’s parents and grandparents, who were sitting in the living room awaiting their arrival, the soft sounds of Christmas music flowing through the house, and the smell of cooking turkey and apple pie permeating the room.
“Blaise, Draco, these are my parents, Steve and Danielle Granger...and my grandparents, Kendall and Adriana Granger,” she said giving the introductions to the rarely silent Slytherins. Steve and his father, Kendall stepped forward and shook their hands in greeting, asking how their holidays have been so far. It wasn’t too long for the boys to warm to the two older men once they realized that they weren’t going to be terrorized for dating their daughter and granddaughter. Danielle came in from the kitchen after checking the turkey and showed the boys to their room.
The room was a fair size that had two comfortable twin beds in them, an adjoining bathroom, and an extra door that just so happened to connect to Hermione’s room. She let the three of them settle in as she returned downstairs to make sure the men were behaving themselves.
Hermione was just leaning over, putting some clothes in her dresser, when she felt two strong arms go around her waist from behind. She turned in the arms to wrap hers around Blaise’s neck, then turned her cheek to accept Draco’s kiss.
“Those twin beds look awfully lonely in there,” Blaise sighed.
“You’ll survive,” she replied cheekily as she stepped away from his embrace.
“For the rest of the holidays?” Draco exclaimed, “not bloody likely.”
“Relax Drake,” she laughed, “why do you think you’re in the ‘connecting’ room to mine?”
“So your parents won’t mind us sleeping together?” Blaise asked opening up the top drawer of her dresser.
“No,” she said, slapping his hand as it held up a green lace pair of panties. “They know you two are both my boyfriends, and they’re completely comfortable with that.”
“So why bother giving us the separate rooms?” Draco asked looking through the floor to ceiling bookcase filled with books, both magical and muggle.
“I don’t know,” she shrugged, “maybe just to give us that option I suppose,” she added picking up Teega to cuddle her in her arms.

The three of them went downstairs after a heavy snogging session where they talked with the adults on their classes and friends. Hermione brought out the photo album from the Malfoy’s while Teega tried to swat at the moving pictures. “My, Hermione...that was quite a dress,” her grandmother said.
“She was beautiful,” Blaise said looking into her eyes, holding her hand in his.
“Very,” Draco added leaning over to kiss her cheek, not noticing the way the parents and grandparents looked on approvingly to the three of them.
Adriana then got up and kissed Hermione’s cheek, “why don’t you take these two fine gentlemen and show them the den, while your mother and I work on the rest of the dinner.”
“Come on Dad, I’ll play a game of billiards with you,” Steve said to his father.
“You really think you can beat me this time son?” Kendall smirked.
“Some day Pops...some day,” Steve laughed.
While the two elder men played billiards, Hermione introduced Blaise and Draco to the pleasures of playing video games on the family Playstation 2 system. Once she showed them the controls and how to move the characters on the screen, they all took turns flying the little purple Spyro dragon around, or helped Dante kick some demon ass in the ‘Devil May Cry’ game. She decided to show them the car racing games at a later day.
Several hours later, Danielle came down the stairs, an apron still tied around her waist. “Dinners ready,” she announced.
Hermione saved their progress on the game, then led Draco and Blaise into the dining room. Although not as grande as the Malfoy’s, it was still large enough to fit them all in with room to spare. After she made sure the two of them were seated, she went to help bring all the dishes out filled with the delicious smelling food.
Draco and Blaise sat there, unsure of what to expect or what to do in a muggle home for dinner. After the food was all laid out, Draco got up to push in Hermione’s chair when she sat down. They waited patiently while Adriana blessed them and the food, all the while gazing hungrily at the turkey.
The food was passed around the table, each taking a portion to their plates. Danielle looked to her plate, then to the table. “Oh dear, I forgot the rolls,” she said starting to get up from the table.
“Relax Danni. You’ve worked hard enough on this meal. I’ll get them for you,” Kendall said. And with a flick of his hand, the large basket of rolls were being levitated from the kitchen to the table.
Blaise looked on in amusement as Draco had just happened to take a sip of his wine, when he saw the basket float onto the table. His eyes went wide as the wine went down the wrong way, where he began to cough uncontrollably. Once the coughing abated, he looked to Hermione in surprise. Needless to say....for Blaise and Hermione the reaction to her not being completely muggle born was in a word......priceless!

Epilogue (of sorts)

Well, that would be the end of my little story. As for Draco....he got over his shock pretty quick when he realized that Hermione came from a wizarding family, after all...he did admit to loving her ‘before’ he found out. Kendall Granger is quite a powerful wizard that works for the American Ministry of Magic, his wife Adriana had worked for a wizarding school teaching Charms in Europe when Kendall whisked her away back to America, where she still teaches in a school there. Steve, Hermione’s father is a wizard, but does not use the powers as much. He likes living as a muggle and being married to his muggle wife Danielle.

Draco, Blaise, and Hermione graduated Hogwarts later that year, and are still very much together. Draco was approached by Puddlemere United to play seeker, which he accepted and played for a number of years. His games were always action packed...especially when he played against Harry as seeker, who accepted the offer to play for the Ballycastle Bats.
Blaise went on to Wizarding University to take Advanced Charms, Potions, and Transfigurations, where he used that knowledge to help expand ‘Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes,’ becoming part owner of their illustrious empire that branched out to many wizarding communities....not to forget Harry who was one of the original partners that helped the twins start their enterprise from the Triwizard winnings.
Hermione also went on to Wizarding University to become the Transfiguration Professor that she set her mind to. By the time she even started her courses, she had read all the books she had received for Christmas, plus many more she could get her greedy little hands on, giving her a good head start on her education. Right before she started University she registered as an animagus.....a cougar. A few years later, she was walking through the Hogwarts gates again....as Professor.
The three of them married in a spectacular triad wedding....thanks to the Malfoys and Zabini’s who wouldn’t let them do anything small, after Hermione and Blaise had graduated from the University. They live in a secluded ranch style home just on the outskirts of London most of the time, and vacation at their little hideaway in the Carribean during the summers. During the first year teaching, Hermione became pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy that had the characteristics of all three of them, followed by a set of twins...a boy and a girl....about three years later. Sappy as it sounds, the three of them still love each other very much, and go about proving it many times over in their king size bed each night.
Narcissa and Lucius also grew to care very much for Hermione....especially when they became grandparents. The two of them doted on their grandkids, and they wanted for nothing. Surprisingly.....when the kids got home, it was Draco and Blaise who set the kids straight, trying to undo some of the spoiling that their parents had done. Maria and Alexander were in seventh heaven also, with the addition of Hermione and their grandchildren into their family.
Some of you may be wondering what happened to some of Hermione’s friends. Harry, as mentioned earlier, became seeker for the Ballycastle Bats and spends all his free time at Hogwarts with a certain Potions Master. They are still together and plan on getting married....sometime in the future. Ron ended up marrying Luna after graduating from Hogwarts and have a very happy...but never boring...life together. Ginny also works for Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezies as a sales representative, and helped to expand the mail order side of the business throughout the rest of the wizarding world........and is still searching for ‘Mister Right.’
Overall....even though Hermione, Blaise, and Draco led fairly busy lives, they still managed to spend as much time together as they could, enjoying each other’s company, through good times and bad. Each day, they tried to show each other just how much they meant to one another, in a simple touch, a soft kiss to the lips, or a warm gaze into the others eyes, leaving no doubt how each one of them felt for the other.

The End

Authors Note: Well....finally finished. Hope you all enjoyed it. I know the title kind of bites, but I find it easier to write the story than try to think of titles or summaries.

My assignment: # 23 - to sketchy/sketchymury
Pairings of the fic wanted: Draco/Blaise/Hermione
Rating: R/NC-17
3-5 things wanted for gift:
- Draco humiliated in front of at least four people
- Draco tied up by other fic person (not bondage specifically. Could be just...random tying up of Draco)
- Someone’s hair turning purple
- Draco kissing someone randomly at a meal in the Great Hall
- Happy ending
Not to include: death of main characters, Draco being suddenly fluffy and nice.


From: _summer__rain_
2005-01-02 07:14 pm (UTC)


Tas! As always, I so enjoyed your writting!! Ah, yet another smutty goodness to add to the list from you!
Happy smuttmas to all and a rauchny new year! ; )
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[User Picture]From: julesndairyland
2005-01-02 10:17 pm (UTC)

Great job! Leave it to you to turn your fic exchange entry into an opus!
I really like how this was written, I think you believably had Draco enter into Blaise & Hermione's established relationship.
And as always your smut was very hot!

I know you usually write D/Hr fics but this proves you should consider expanding your repertoire to include B/Hr/D stories.

Happy New Year!

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[User Picture]From: granger2malfoy
2005-01-06 01:17 pm (UTC)
that was very good. I loved narcissa and lucius... and the photo taking and the dress she wore... and dip in the pool... yes, I loved it

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From: (Anonymous)
2005-02-13 05:21 am (UTC)

Your story

Wow, you have a great talent for writing "heated" scenes. I loved it! However, i do wish you could have included some conflict in the story. Everyone was in love with everyone. No one became jealous. There was not really a plot, just a lot of sex. Not that i'm complaining, but more plot twists next time! I commend you.
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